Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jack At Last! #2

(1) Man, South African bacons are the best bacons in the world. They put out quite a breakfast spread.

(2) 8AM, I wake to the sound of shopping carts rolling down the street, which is cobble-stoned street. And it is the beginning of another day at Green Market. The entire place is erected from scratch - poles, ropes, awnings, tables, and lots of "stuff" that you could find in Berkeley or on the Lower East Side of NYC.

Tourists and Commerce... I guess it's everywhere.

(3) Out on the street, eerie. Am I experiencing white guilt??

(4) Found a great music store and want to spend a day there. Lots of American, and African Jazz, Blues, Ska, etc. And hand-made instrument that I must consider buying.

(5) SAJ walks slower than I do.

(6) But he's much smarter than I am.

(7) Found a liquor store. Thank Allah!

(8) So we are walking along, looking at the Table Mountain, and noticing that there is a Turkish bath in the neighborhood. We turn a corner and are confronted by St. George's Cathedral. This was Tutu's Cathedral. It is like being in Atlanta at M. L. K.'s Baptist Church. And remarkably there are protesters. Schoolgirls, singing and walking and dancing and clapping in a circle. Their issues? Health! AIDS!! Beautiful young women and great sounds. I am humbled.

(9) SAJ said there are cops everywhere...taking pictures...making recording... which is exactly what we are doing.

(10) He really does walk slow, but he is really smart.

(11) Relics of oppression everywhere. Jails, courthouses. You can feel the hurt everywhere.

(12) Still being called “Boss,” and being told where the good times are. His name is Kev. And if I mention his name, I get a discount and he gets a commission.

(13) Tired, tired, tired.

(14) Lots of local history. Just waiting for the personal stories.

(15) Feeling sick. Going to bed. Early. Night, night.


Table Mountain in Cape Town:

SAJ looking out over the coastline:

Coastal resort in Cape Town:

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