Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jack Reporting #5

(1) Boys and girls… I just found a mall! So western…so modern…so comfortable. And it's at the pier that takes you to Robben Island. How perfect.

(2) We meet Ivan and Fanny. They are wonderful to us. SAJ will elaborate.

(3) We take naps every day. God, we are old.

(4) Dinner at an Irish Bar in South Africa.

(4-a) The doorman says “ no smoking” but everyone is smoking. It’s just like Summers Place or High Tide.

(4-b) Beautiful Africans dressed to the nines. I mean really beautiful men and women in stylish attires. It could be SF or NYC.

(4-c) Moroccan architecture and sturdy furniture.

(4-d) High tech sound system with all kinds of music. Not just “Oh, Danny Boy.”

(4-e) Menu that features “Irish Stew.” Everything else is sports bar food. We settle for the appetizer platter of ribs, buffalo wings, chicken strips, fried mushrooms, potatoes, and onion rings with various sauces.

(4-f) Most beautiful smiles here.

(5) Going to bed early. I have church tomorrow.

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