Sunday, September 9, 2007

Last Day - September 6, 2006

(1) One more trip to District Six Museum. More time with Noor. He talks about the word, “Boss.” He then points to the sky, and says,”I have only one Boss.”

(2) I pray here more than I have in years.

(3) For the first time, SAJ and I separate. I’m looking for St. George’s Cathedral and walk maybe a mile out of the way. Hopefully I got some great pictures. I am so sweaty and tired and everything is packed so I can’t change. It’s going to be a lovely flight home.

(4) Everyone at the hotel seems genuinely happy to have met us and sad to see us go. It must be SAJ.

(5) Easy drive to the airport.

(6) Great porter helping us with the luggage. He is a 5'6" soccer player from J’burg. This is just his day job.

(7) SAJ really messed up the luggage thing and must repack.

(8) I enjoy this immensely but I stay quiet as a good friend should do.

(9) Found a smoking lounge at the Cape Town Airport but it was closed for renovation. Walked in anyway. Two guys working. They didn’t seem to notice me. And I smoke to my heart’s content.

(10) Take off!

(11) Patches and Nicorette.

(12) Cape Town to London – 12 hours

(13) Heathrow – the biggest mall in the world – Tiffany’s, Herrod’s, Gucci’s etc. It seems obscene.

(14) London to SFO. This last leg of flight seems to take FOREVERRRRR.

(15) There it is, the Golden Gate Bridge. We are back!

(16) Caresa takes me home.

(17) My wife has food, iced tea, and vodka in the freezer. All waiting for me with a love note on each one. She will be home soon.

Family, blood, humanity.

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