Saturday, September 1, 2007

Jack Reporting #4

(1) Just saw a commercial on TV that started with "Are you South African and still having issues with colour? Then get this issue of STYLE!" And they showed pages from the magazine and talked about articles concerning fashion, interior design, and this year's style trend. You gotta be f@#%ing me.

(2) What is "Colour" and what does it really mean to us? I mean REALLY?

(3) They just announced on South African News that the cost of anti-viral AIDS drugs are expected to rise 500% over the next few years. It's just another form of genocide if you ask me.

(4) Bacon is still great.

(5) The hotel we are staying in makes us turn in our room keys before we leave the building and the locals are telling us to be careful on the street.

(6) I get what they are inferring, but it doesn't seem that dangerous.

(7) SAJ needed to do currency exchange and it's like Fort Knox at the banks here. You push a red button, and wait until it turns green and then the sliding door opens and then you walk in and the door shuts behind you. You then push another red button and wait for the light to turn green and then another door opens and then you enter the bank.

(8) And then they tell you that they don’t do currency exchange.

(9) So you try to leave but there are more buttons and two people can never be in the same cubicle at the same time. What are they trying to say?

(10) Just passed a South African Woolworth. It reminds us of the lunch counter arrests, boycotts of Woolworth and the United States of the 60’s.

(11) But this is a very upscale Woolworth. They sell lattes.

(12) What was the other five and dime? Kreisges?

(13) It took us a while, but we find the District Six Museum.

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