Friday, August 31, 2007

Jack At Last! #3

(1) Feeling better but where do these market people come from so early in the morning? And where do they go to with all this stuff? Townships are miles away. Displacement...Urban renewal? Cabrini Green?

(2) I can't imagine working as hard as they do.

(3) I never worked as hard as they do.

(4) I don't know what hard work is. Not like that.

(5) F@#& it. We are going to the beach.

(6) Beautiful beaches and the coastline. We will send pictures.

(7) We park on a street in an obviously white beach town and are met by young men and women of color wearing T-shirts proclaiming that they are "Beach Road Parking Security." Apparently, they will protect our car while we eat lunch. Upon asking a waiter, I am told to tip them 5 - 10 Rand. This is their job.

(8) Women on the corners waiting for the buses or vans to take them from their housekeeping jobs. They are in clothes that are almost Amish in nature. But they laugh, sing and whistle as we pass.

(9) Men in hard work clothes walking against traffic on major throughways. And we drive past.

(10) I am told that South Africa’s greatest employer is self-employment.

(11) It’s a beautiful landscape…scarred.

(12) The disparity of weath is unbelievable. Ghastly and sinful.

Okay, this is the truth. I am having an anxiety dream about the blog with Carey and Pink and Janette telling me I need to do it and with me quitting and with my wife saying “Just do it.” And I wake up in a sweat.

There has to be a better way.

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